Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is is a web3-powered hotel booking platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide a secure and decentralized environment for users to book accommodations worldwide.

2. How does work leverages blockchain technology to facilitate direct peer-to-peer transactions between users and hotel owners. Users can browse through various hotel listings, view details and amenities, and make bookings using cryptocurrencies or other digital assets.

3. What advantages does offer over traditional hotel booking platforms? offers several advantages over traditional platforms, including:

- Decentralization: The platform operates on the blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and immutability of data.

- Lower fees: By eliminating intermediaries, reduces transaction costs, resulting in lower fees for both users and hotel owners.

- Global accessibility: Users can book accommodations worldwide using various cryptocurrencies or digital assets, making it convenient for travelers from any part of the world.

4. Is only for cryptocurrency users? caters to both cryptocurrency users and credit card holders. We accept payments through over 200+ cryptocurrencies and now also support credit card transactions. We are committed to enhancing the convenience and accessibility of our platform for all our users.

5. How secure is prioritizes security by utilizing blockchain technology. The decentralized nature of the platform ensures that user data is encrypted, transactions are secure, and personal information remains private. Additionally, the use of smart contracts helps automate and enforce booking terms, enhancing security and reducing the potential for fraud.

6. Can I cancel or modify a booking made on

Once confirmed, cancellations or modifications are not allowed, and refunds are not issued. offers special discounted rates but requires careful consideration of travel plans, as booking cancellations / modifications are currently not permitted.

7. What cryptocurrencies are accepted on accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC). The platform also supports popular stablecoins like Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). Users can select their preferred cryptocurrency during the booking process.

8. How can I contact customer support on

To contact customer support on, we use Discord as our primary communication channel. You can reach our dedicated support team by joining our Discord server through the following link: Once you join, you can submit your inquiries, concerns, or any assistance you require, and our team will be glad to help you out. We strive to provide prompt and reliable support to ensure your experience with is smooth and enjoyable.

Additionally, you can also contact us by email at for further assistance.

9. Can hotel owners list their properties on welcomes hotel owners to list their properties on the platform soon. By joining, hotel owners can tap into a global audience of potential customers and benefit from the streamlined booking process facilitated by blockchain technology. Interested hotel owners can contact us on

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